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About My Studio

I make all the pottery from my home studio which is a converted garage next to our home in Easton on the Hill. I love the outlook from the studio which is our beautiful rose garden and Park Walk. 

If you’re passing and I’m in the studio, come and say hello. I have lots of pottery in the studio for you to look at, and most is for sale.

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About Me

I have always loved ceramics.  My home is full of pottery.  Firstly, lots of Spanish pottery, then onto Portmeirion, Sophie Allport and Emma Bridgewater.   

On my school holidays staying in Yorkshire with my grandparents one of my fondest memories was Saturday night… salmon sandwiches, crusts cut off and cut into triangles and, of course, the best China! I thought we were SO posh. We weren’t at all! The salmon was tinned, mixed with breadcrumbs and vinegar to make it go further but I loved it.

Initially I was going to call my business after my grandmother.  I have such fond memories of her and staying with her in my school holidays from boarding school. They lived at the edge of a railway.  Oh yes, we were the railway children! The house was amazing. Amazing but cold! No heating or upstairs loo.  But again, I loved it.  Enid Blyton book under the bed which I still have.  We picked fruit and vegetables from the garden for dinner, made jam. It was simple, perfect actually. Not an iphone/tablet or computer in sight and only 3 channels on the TV with no remote control!  

As I have already said, she came to pick me up from school for exeat weekends and half terms.  My grandfather would sit on the bonnet of the car and wait for me.  Not my grandmother, she loved the celebrity status of the lady in her best clothes, shoes, hat and white gloves. Everyone thought she was so sweet.  She was my Queen Mother!

So, not Alice Bell Ceramics but Oakslade Ceramics.  Oakslade is the name of our home and that is where I make all my ceramics in the converted garage, so it seemed more fitting.

It’s a very inspiring location.  It is very quiet and still.  The studio doors are almost always open and I can see all the roses that my husband, Martin and I planted last year.   My fellow companions are Bertie (Bert) my trusty workhorse. He’s an old man but I love him. 

Ernie (Ern) the other old man in my studio has recently been replaced by Barbara, my new beautiful kiln.  

Meet Bertie, Ernie & Barbara

Care of your piece

I would strongly discourage using naked flame near my ceramics.  For tealights, etc. please use LED lights. 

Avoid extreme temperatures, i.e. prolonged use in the microwave and dishwasher, to extend the life of your ceramics.
Prolonged use in the microwave and dishwasher.  This will, therefore, limit any crazing which are hairline cracks on the surface of the pottery. It is likely to craze over time, it all depends how you treat it.

I am a potter working from my home studio.  Please be mindful that my pottery is handmade and unique in the fact that it is a one off piece and not mass produced in a factory. Obviously, pottery is a natural product and as I have already said, it is a one off piece and hand painted to order.  The finished product may slightly vary from those shown on the website.       

If you are unhappy with your piece, please let me know immediately via the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page.

The Oakslade Gallery

Samples of my work, which I hope you enjoy.

Terms & Conditions

The charge for P&P includes very careful packaging and Royal Mail parcel delivery.

By using this website, www.oaksladeceramics.co.uk , (“the website”) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, a copy of which can be emailed to you should you wish.

If you choose to collect your pottery, I would be grateful if you didn’t drive down our little lane and instead park on Church Street and walk the short distance to the studio.  Parking is very limited and there is no access.  It’s virtually impossible to turn around.  Thank you.

The term “Oakslade Ceramics” “us” “we” “me”, refers to the owner of the company and this website.  Details of which can be found on my website.

The contents of my website are likely to change without notice.

If there is any part of these Terms and Conditions that you don’t understand or agree with, please contact using the Contact Us form below.

Once payment is received, your pottery will be despatched and you will be given an approximate delivery date (this will obviously depend on what I have in stock or if it is to be custom made).  I mainly use Royal Mail. Alternatively, you can collect your pottery from my studio at no extra cost.

Damages happen.  If you receive your pottery and its damaged, please contact me as soon as possible via the Contact Us form below, attaching photographs, this will enable us to contact the delivery company.  We may ask you to return the item. Please make sure you check your pottery to ensure you’re completely happy as we will not accept any responsibility after a 10 day period.  If you do have to return an item, please make sure it is well packaged and please note that you are responsible for any loss or damage in transit.  It is therefore essential that you choose a suitable shipping method and have proof of postage. 

Most of our ceramics are food safe.  I will pop an after care note in with your order.   

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